How To Make Your Business Flourish On Pinterest Even If You’re A Dad


Pinterest is a social media platform that is admittedly heavily dominated by women. However, their terms of service do not indicate that men cannot join the channel and start making pins for your business. So, your kids and business partners should not feel the need to book you an appointment with a therapist once they find out that you want to become a Pinterest dad.

Isn’t it fun to spend your free time scoping the freshest and most interesting photos ever pinned on Pinterest? When you type a specific keyword on the search box, thousands of images will pop up and give you many ideas about what you can do with your clothes, hair, or birthday party, for instance. While this is from a viewer’s perspective, as a new marketer on the platform, you need to work harder to keep the consumers’ attention focused on your pins. So, what works best on Pinterest?

1. Obtaining Rich Pins

The website does not charge for the usage of Rich Pins, but you should apply for them beforehand. This is a feature that business owners can benefit from because they allow you to add prices, article links, and contact information, among others, along with the photos. Hence, people will know that you are selling something.

2. Pinning On Schedule

Considering there are many things you want to pin daily, posting the entire lot in one go cannot emphasize the value of each product or service. What is highly profitable for the business is to schedule pins at least a day before you want to see them go live. This way, it will not overlap with your other activities, and the consumers will never be fed up with you.


3. Creating Optimized Descriptions

Though Pinterest is a photo-centric platform, the social ranking of your pins can become higher once you create a creative product description for them. Just be sure to keep things diminutive yet on-point since the audiences are somewhat allergic to novella-like explanations. Feel free to utilize keywords that place well in search engines, too.

4. Adding Texts To Pins

Other than the actual pictures, the short texts that are added to them linger longer in the audience’s mind. Besides, this tempts Pinterest users more to share your image(s) to their social media accounts where folks who can relate to your words are usually found.

3 Essential Benefits Of Availing A Pinterest Marketing Package

Considering you are too busy to figure out how the platform works, you should realize that there are agencies that offer Pinterest marketing package. It is not the most budget-friendly way to advertise your business because you have to pay an entire team of experts to manage your pin – that is true. However, it remains practical, in the sense that you will not find yourself with your friends as your only subscribers three months after signing up on Pinterest.

Here are a few benefits of availing a Pinterest marketing package.


1. Have Professionals Handle The Account

The apparent goal that you want to achieve by reaching out to potential consumers is to pull in higher sales virtually. However, what will happen if you register to a social networking website and begin posting images after images of products without planning things first? The worst-case scenario is that instead of catching the interest of your target audience, they may stay away because of it.

That is why you should get an advertising bundle in which a group of professionals will be at your disposal. These experts fully understand what works and what does not in social media marketing. They can create boards and pins for you, as well as manage the account 24/7.

2. Filter Photos Before Getting Posted

Get a Pinterest marketing package today, and you will never have to worry about poorly taken images getting seen by your beloved customers. Any picture that you like to add in the boards can be edited or watermarked by the marketing team first so that the people who will view them can identify where they have come from as well.


3. Make Your Pins Extra Visible

The platform lets your business to be noticeable in more ways than one. Hashtags can be added along with the photos, as well as links to the main website or articles that point to the brand. Just how this should be done requires much scheming that digital marketers and packages can provide. It is a surefire way to attract more clients, so try not to overlook it.

To Sum Things Up

Being a dad and having an account on Pinterest is not weird at all, especially in the name of the business. The said platform is for everyone who has something creative to share with the world. Create an account on Pinterest today to be able to market your products and services to more people. Good luck!