4 Practical Hobbies For The “Cool” Dad


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Parenting in this century is much more flexible and forgiving. Gone are the days where it’s only women who are expected to be stay-at-home moms for their kids. We’re beginning to see the rise of proud fathers taking on the challenge of being full-time parents. Perhaps their wife is working, or they’re just single dads braving the tides.

With great responsibility comes even greater stress. So for the new dads, single dads, or just dads with time to kill at home, here are some hobbies you can get into so that you don’t lose touch with yourself.


Today, both men and women already belong in the kitchen. Surprisingly enough, a lot of men cook better than any of us expect.

Cooking is a great indoor hobby and an incredible therapy-like activity that doesn’t require a lot of pennies to be spent. It’s also a more economical option rather than eating out daily. Plus, the best thing is squeezing in that extra family time while simultaneously syncing with yourself.


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Treat your wife and your kids (or just yourself) to some hearty home-cooked meal as you get in touch with your inner chef. Visit the grocery, play around with recipes online, and cook your heart out!


The digital age has made connecting with everyone easier. In a way, it has replaced magazines, newspapers, and even books. With that, family blogs are a popular source of lifestyle content for budding families as well as those just looking for tips and motivation. Why not document all your experiences into writing? It can be something as quick and simple as writing a Facebook post on a daily. Not only will you get to share your experiences with your fellow dads, but it will also help alleviate stress from fatherhood.  Who knows, you might be the next model dad!


Being a father certainly takes a toll on your time, but it shouldn’t be a reason for you to forget about your health. Exercising releases a lot of endorphins (or happy hormones) that might be what dads need after a long, tiring week of chores and sleepless nights. Revisit your old days by hitting the gym, running, biking, lifting, or engaging in whatever physical activity it is that you’re most comfortable with. You’ll be surprised by how a 10-minute exercise can kick-start your day. Healthy body, happy daddy!


Similar to exercising, getting into sports is also a fool-proof way to kill time. Hold on: this doesn’t include video games, however.

Get out there, dribble a basketball, hold a badminton racket, or kick a soccer ball if you will. Nowadays, it’s easy to join in local clubs or sports groups near your area. Try to check out your gym too if they offer similar programs. If all goes well, you can even let your kids join you in the future.


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Fatherhood doesn’t have to be all stress, and your hobbies don’t have to break the bank too. Just as being a good dad is important, maintaining a healthy physical, mental, and emotional disposition is equally needed. It keeps dads happy, passionate, and present for their family. Don’t fret; with the hobbies we’ve just recommended, you’re sure to get the balance between me-time and family-time and become the “cool dad” you are.