Why Online Safety Is Important For Your Kids


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The age of social media has made a lot of positive changes in our society. It has resulted in more convenient connections, better entertainment source, and a new platform to express our thoughts. The Internet is a great place to talk to friends, play games, or even learn.

On the flip side, several risks come with being active on the Internet. Nowadays, online predators or cyberbullies are lurking behind every social media site. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to spot them.  To make it worse, they target those who are vulnerable enough to lure—our kids.

As dads, we can help our kids stay safe. We can do this by introducing them to proper Internet use and online dangers so that they can start using it wisely, even at a young age.

Online safety came alongside the rise of social media. Some people throw around the term loosely, but what this means is freely allowing our kids to use the Internet while keeping them safe from harm.

Parents must find the right balance between ensuring safety and letting kids explore the resources the Internet has. Keeping them safe can mean a lot of ways like adequately informing them of Internet risks while also highlighting its benefits. As dads, we face the responsibility of teaching them about both the real world and the online world. Below are some useful tips dads can use for online safety.


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Remind Them What They Can And Can’t Do

Don’t wait until something terrible happens to them. Before they even start using the Internet, set ground rules so that they know what to expect. Be careful not to make them feel like you are too strict; this might cause them to rebel more. To avoid this, ensure that you are clear about why you are setting each rule.

Only Let Them Add Connections They Know In Person

Teach them that social media is not a contest of friends and likes. Caution them against adding people they don’t know since it’s easy to impersonate anyone on social media. “Children today need to be instructed that strangers can be online as well. What’s really baffling and dangerous about online strangers is that the really good ones can pretend to be someone that the child knows.” Dr. Samuel McQuade, Ph.D. emphasizes.

Keep Personal Information Private

Kids tend to update everything on social media—from where they live and where they study to where they currently are. Let them know that it’s easy to track people based on their social media activities. Also, double-check if their profiles are secured and private. “A monitoring program can help you see where your kids are, especially if kids have friends that are questionable, and they’re entering chat rooms and on Facebook all the time.” Gwenn O’Keeffe, M.D. explains.

Ask Them To Add You To Their Connections

Kids might hate having their parents as their friends at first. Slowly coax them into the idea of trusting you enough to let you in on their online world. With this, it’s easier to ensure their safety by monitoring their activities. “Parents should be aware of what their kids see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves.” says Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, M.D.

Let Them Confide In You

Should your kid feel the slightest discomfort on the Internet, they should go to you for help. Try not to shut them down by saying, “I told you so.” Instead, use the situation as a learning point about avoiding dangers on the Internet next time.


Source: pixabay.com

Of course, all these won’t work if dads themselves don’t serve as a role model for their kids. Before anything else, learn as much as you can about the Internet too. Be extra mindful of your social media activities, especially if you have your kids included in your connection. Don’t give them a reason not to believe your own rules. So, for both dad and kids, use the Internet wisely!