Teaching Your Son How to Ride a Bike

Teaching your child how to ride a bike and seeing him/her learning how to do it is a memorable milestone for both of you. It is a skill that most parents are proud to teach their children while at the same time using it as a way to make the parent and child bond stronger. However, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Most of the time, it will result in bruises and abrasions on the child and backbreaking experiences for dads. Still, it is worthwhile to see them slowly making progress and learning how to balance on their own.

source: livestrong.com

Getting Things Ready

The initial thing to do is to look for broad locations, which are away from main roads. Parks are the best examples of these places. A 40-meter straightaway with no riding obstacles such as bumps is preferable. A  spot with a bit of grass to avoid abrasions and bruises if the child falls accidentally is also okay as long as it is broad enough.

Don’t Rush

The primary skills to learn in riding a bike are balancing, pedaling, steering and braking. It is not easy to have them teach it simultaneously. The best thing to do is to help them learn these skills one step at a time. It will help them learn better through instinct through such away.

Find The Balance

Balancing is learned easier on a road, which is a bit downhill. Have the child ride the bike while you slowly guide them. Lowering the seat for the child to use their feet as outriggers can help them maintain balance while slowing down. Let them repeat this several times while advising them to lift their feet off the ground for them to get the feeling of how to balance while going forward. With a bit of practice, they will be confident enough to balance and steer the bike downhill with their feet off the ground.

The Skills of Pedaling

Pedaling comes easy once the child can maintain balance and steer the whole time during downhill with their feet off the ground. Tell your child to put their feet on the pedals during the same process and ask them if they feel like they can maintain balance if they try to pedal. It may take a couple of rounds for them to learn how to pedal while doing the first two skills, but it won’t take as long as trying to learn balancing and steering.

The Importance of Braking

When dads reach this phase teaching their child how to ride the bike, it would already be smooth sailing. It is the most natural part, but also the most essential. Teach them when, where to use brakes. It is to prevent injuries to your child and others. You should also teach them basic road safety rules such as not to over speed, keep looking on the road, and evade passing people.


source: ribike.org

You have done well in teaching your child. It may be a small event, but it will remain in your child’s memories throughout his/her life. It would also be a good thing to take pictures of these happy moments. Have fun and stay cool as dads!