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Behavioral Health’s Common Misconceptions (Fatherhood Discussion)

We are often afraid of seeking professional help. That’s despite the visible signs and symptoms we somehow experience with mental illness and other health problems. We worry too much on how the world will look at us because we believe things get better over time. But what we didn’t understand is behavioral health’s extreme impact on our lives. We pay no attention to it as soon as we get to recognize it. We know that’s not healthy, but we continue to dive in on its developmental damage. Why is that? Why do we often postpone seeking professional help due to the stigma surrounding mental health conditions?

Misleading Conceptions Of Behavioral Health

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It Grows With Violence

It is somehow a stigma that having behavioral health issues mean we become violent. Perhaps that’s because of the news and other incidents that connect mental illness to the adverse scenarios. What’s mind-boggling is the portrayal that “all” criminals have a psychological condition. But the truth is, many people who suffer from the mental state are not at all violent. But even if that’ is the case, the public still believes that individuals with mental health problems are always doing things wrong. It’s a shame, but that’s how society thinks. It is essential to understand that individuals with a mental condition do not always depend on violence. That some of them can smile and laugh, though they get hurt psychologically and mentally.

Mentally Ill Or Mentally Healthy?

A black and white mindset represents the stigma of mental illness. Meaning, as long as we believe that we don’t have any history of any diagnosed mental condition, we are safe from having one. Since there’s no track of problems within our family, then we assume we are healthy. However, the biological factor of having mental issues only plays one role. That’s because external factors exist. That includes the environment we have, and the upbringing we get from someone else’s mental condition. Sometimes, even if we believe we have a great career, a loving wife, beautiful children, and a great family, we can still suffer silently with the mental illness. And that sometimes comes off as a surprise. We wouldn’t’ know we’re having it not until we get to change our ways or develop unwanted behavior that’s usually not there. Sometimes, it can range from mild to severe implications.

“Fathers are struggling and suffering with mental health difficulties at about the same rate as mothers,” says Charles Schaeffer, Ph.D.

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Medication Can Always Fix It

Yes, medication somehow works better with anxiety and depression. However, not all behavioral and mental illnesses get fixed with medication alone. There are better options that can accompany it in the least. People can consider therapy which involves talk sessions with a professional therapist. Individuals can also join support groups or master some self-help techniques such as breathing exercise and meditation. Specific medication may not always be the best solution so it is essential to talk to a health expert about the right options that can work well with the situation. Though there are still some mental conditions that don’t have a cure yet. There are various scientific breakthroughs that people can expect in the modern age today that helps solves some severe conditions. It is important to recognize that behavioral health problem does not and should not become a definition of a person because the process of recovery is achievable.

“Every man will experience and navigate fatherhood differently yet all will struggle with similar psychological challenges on a biochemical, relational, and intrapsychic level,” says Chuck Schaeffer, PH.D. “Through supportive groups, therapy, coaching, and communities we can help new fathers change and heal for the better.”

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No Maintained Relationship

Another misconception about behavioral or mental health is the issue of maintaining a relationship. It seems to be one of the unacceptable stigmas that ever existed. Yes, some individuals with mental health issues struggle and face a lot of challenges in their life. But that doesn’t mean they can’t handle a relationship. There may be limitations on the things they can socially do, but that doesn’t imply to the majority of individuals with mental illnesses. There are cases that stress and anxiety are the cause of a person’s not-so-motivated attitude. There may be times that these people have unstable feelings too. But it’s not enough reason to conclude that the breakage of the relationship is caused by the psychological problem as others also experience a failed relationship due to other factors.

We are living in a society that instead of providing emotional support to those people with mental illness, we choose to become busy judging them. As a result, we become scared of experiencing the same thing.

“[P]rofessionals like teachers, doctors, health care providers, and family life educators who interact with fathers should not be dismissive of fathers or make automatic assumptions about their parenting skills,” says David J. Bredehoft, Ph.D.

The Dimensions Of A Father’s Contribution To His Children

In every family, a father’s involvement is a priority. It is his role to provide not only for the financial growth of the unit but as well as enhances its overall development. A father also focuses on delivering quality assistance to each of its members to help them reach their potential to become functioning people of the society. Therefore, the three dimensions of the contribution must be strengthened and given importance.

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It’s essential to measure the father’s decision-making responsibility because it will become the source of the family’s growth. The process is not his alone. All the adjustments and extensive effort must be shared along with his wife, and both of them needs to land an impact on the kid’s developmental process. However, what seems to be the problem with society is their belief in the molding of children. People assume that the mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical well-being is only designated as a motherly task, provided that a father can support the family’s needs.

The Three Dimensions


The first role of a father is to engage with his children. The involvement attempts to measure achievement and impact on kids’ development. However, there are limitations as to where he can contribute positively or negatively every time he is engaging with his kids. There are instances that even though he tells kids’ that he will always be there for them but continue to become inactively present in their lives, it still creates a problem. It damages both the emotional and psychological aspects of the children every time he doesn’t show up and spend time with them. It supports a buildup of loneliness, sadness, guilt, anxiety, and even depression, which by the way are severely harmful to kids when experienced in an early stage.

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But as the engagement continues to sustain the relationship, a father will have a chance to pay attention every time his kids are talking, asking questions, and requiring some help. Though a father doesn’t necessarily need to spend time with his kids’ every day, he needs to make sure that special occasions matter a lot. He needs to become relevant at all cost. It is important to note that engagement is a nurturing factor that keeps a parent-children connection.


People often focus on the role of a father. They know what a father is capable of doing for the benefit of his whole family. Unfortunately, not all dads are capable of engaging with their children due to significant factors. These include an overtime work in the office, busy errands in the house, a lot of meetings, achievement issues, marital problems, and the list goes on. With that, there should always be a part where a father sets availability for his kids even if they are not directly interacting or communicating with him.

One way to bridge the gap between a father and children relationship is through communication. That is where both create connection and access to each others’ lives. Once there is a secured and healthy discussion of how to handle an exchange of conversation, then accessibility will enclose an emotional bond which is beneficial for children’s growth and development. Though some may misinterpret accessibility to physical presence, the emotional health is still the primary focus of the dimension.

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While all the three dimensions are essential in providing fatherly assistance to children, the responsibility takes a lot of portion when it comes to keeping the balance in the unit. That’s because it contains complicated situations that emphasize decision-making ability. It concerns the role of a father where it tackles his stand being a parent. It correctly handles and organizes the children’s everyday lives. His participation in the kids’ learning is a must. There should be an interest in responsible-mindedness that ensures significant factors that help children in all areas of development. These include securing positive and kid-friendly atmosphere at home. A father’s concern is always the maintenance of peace and order inside the unit. It will not only make the members aware of each of their roles, but it also helps them understand the importance of the individual contribution to society.

Along with all the discipline and rules that a father must impose, his assistance on nurturing the children’s skills is also his responsibility. There must be an encouragement and motivation that make them believe in their selves. It is a requirement for every single father to never allow frustration, agitation, and mental degradation in their kids. He must keep children away from danger, bad influences, and emotional turmoil, and psychological damage. Because when there is a positive and healthy outlook on kids’ lives, a family can keep the unit altogether.

Fatherhood is indeed a tiring and frustrating task. However, the whole process of impacting children’s lives is one of the most fulfilling achievements anyone can ever get.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Wife First Before The Kids

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Once a couple has kids, they tend to pour everything to them, leaving the spouse feel neglected at times. You think your wife is okay with being the last priority since she loves the kids immeasurably, and she would probably tell you’re doing great. However, she does not know she needs your love and attention more because eventually, she will feel worthless and that no one thinks about her.


As much as it is admirable to love the kids and make them a priority, you must put your wife first before them. It could be somewhat odd as you both know the welfare of the kids is your first concern, but you have to do it.


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Here Are The 5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Put Your Wife Before The Kids:


  1. Your Wife Is The One You Chose


You did not choose your parents nor your kids. The only person you chose to spend the rest of your life is your wife. You must uphold your vow when you married her – to take care of her… until death.” Making her feel loved and worthy is vital to her mental health. She is naturally sensitive, and she may not know it, but your attention is what she needs the most.


  1. Your Wife Is Your Partner


The only way to make sure that you both fulfill your duties to your family is to feel great about your marriage. The kids will notice that you or your wife is unhappy, and this is not emotionally healthy for them. There’s also a big chance that you or your wife will feel irritable all the time, and that is not taking care of the kids or anyone for that matter.


  1. Your Wife Needs It


She may say otherwise, but she needs your love and attention badly. Yes, she loves the kids to the moon and back, but the reason why she gets exhausted eventually is because no one takes care of her. If anyone in the family gets sick, your wife is the nurse, but who takes care of her when she’s sick? She would probably feel worthless and unloved, and this is harmful to her health.


  1. Your Kids Need To See What Marriage Is


You are the two people whom your children get their values from, and wherever they go, they will always behave based on how they learned at home. Making your wife a priority and taking care of her will make them realize what husbands should be doing. For your son, he will learn how to treat his future wife, and for your daughter, she will know a woman’s worth.


  1. It Will Be Only You And Your Wife In The End


When the kids are all grown up, it will be just you and your wife, and your happiness will depend on the memories you made. Give her reasons to smile and be happy even more. Besides, you would very much prefer if she’d be thanking you all the time for how you made her feel loved than to hear her complain how worthless she felt throughout your marriage.


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If you think parenting is hard, marriage is a lot difficult. Being a parent is an instinct, and kids are easy to understand, but when it comes to your spouse, it is much more complicated. It may not seem it, but the mother of your children need the most love from you because she is the one who needs to give more to the family.

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Benefits Of Online Therapy For Men

There is so much pressure in the lives of men, especially those who already have a family of their own. The society expects the father to be a good provider for the members of the household. At the same time, many people also want them to act as role models for their children.

“Although both fathers and mothers can be sensitive and effective parents, some theorists argue that fathers serve a special role in their children’s development,” wrote Krystine I. Batcho, PhD. “Our relationships with our fathers are often more complex. Fathers urge children to take chances and overcome challenges with confidence in the protection and safety net that Dad provides. In early childhood play, Dads excite children to take reasonable risks within the security of a protective bond.”

However, there are days when things become complicated for them. The sad thing about this is that when it happens, some men find themselves in denial about the wrong things going on. They have this tendency to ignore the issues until the problems start to grow big.


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The Value Of Experience In Teaching Your Child A Lesson


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We sometimes understand that it is a cliché to follow specific traditional rules that our parents taught us. But thinking about the life lessons it has to offer, it sometimes makes sense to tag along without complaints. Maybe that’s because it’s the experience that matters and parents have an on-hand encounter with the situation.

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The Significance Of Being A Father

The Downside Of Working Too Much              

The role of a father is to provide for the family, and it is understandable that you would only want what’s suitable for your family. However, too much pressure and excessive aiming for the things you wish to have can be dangerous for you. It will eventually affect your relationship with the people around you, and it will ultimately eat you up when you least expect it.

“Stress happens. All families experience varying degrees of stress at different times and for different reasons,” said Katie Hurley, LCSW. “That said, it’s important to be aware of triggers of parental stress to address these and better cope, before it trickles down to the kids.”

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Financial Stability: An Important Factor in keeping Your Family Secure

The family is important that’s why we do our best and make sure that they are safe and secure. So being a father, you should be able to provide for your family because it is your essential duty. Plan preparation should be your priority since most of the family members will rely on what you can offer them. Though your responsibility doesn’t stop there, you will have to put a whole aspect of importance on your financial stability.

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