Benefits Of Online Therapy For Men

There is so much pressure in the lives of men, especially those who already have a family of their own. The society expects the father to be a good provider for the members of the household. At the same time, many people also want them to act as role models for their children.

“Although both fathers and mothers can be sensitive and effective parents, some theorists argue that fathers serve a special role in their children’s development,” wrote Krystine I. Batcho, PhD. “Our relationships with our fathers are often more complex. Fathers urge children to take chances and overcome challenges with confidence in the protection and safety net that Dad provides. In early childhood play, Dads excite children to take reasonable risks within the security of a protective bond.”

However, there are days when things become complicated for them. The sad thing about this is that when it happens, some men find themselves in denial about the wrong things going on. They have this tendency to ignore the issues until the problems start to grow big.




If you are one of these men, please know that there are several ways on how you can handle this kind of situation. First of all, try to understand that what you are going through right now is only temporary. The life of a father is a challenging one. When times get tough, believe that things are going to be okay someday. Second, do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional who can help you handle the situation. The good news is that online therapy is now available for everyone. If you are embarrassed with personal sessions, then there is nothing to worry about because you can already go for online counseling. Below are some of the other advantages:


Sharing Becomes Easier

One of the problems in dealing with a counselor is the fear of being judged by your stories, issues or problems. Unfortunately, the more you hide these things, the more it becomes difficult on your part to feel better. With online counseling, you can already share all your secrets easily. The sense of anonymity is what makes everything more comfortable on your part.  Because of this, the healing process is expedited.

Moreover, Melissa Stringer, LMHC, said, “The thing I place the most emphasis on—the integrity of the therapeutic relationship—is not diluted in any way because we are connecting through a screen. In fact, people often tell me that their online experience has been more satisfying than their previous in-person therapy.”




Save More Money

The most common misconception is that online therapy is expensive. This is the primary reason why some individuals reject this idea. Well, the truth is that this mode of counseling is more affordable compared to the traditional form of therapy. There are less administrative costs on the part of the online counselor. For this reason, he can charge lower fees for his online counseling sessions.




Reach Out Without Leaving The House

The best advantage of availing online therapy is that you can talk to your counselor without the need of leaving your house. “For people who experience agoraphobia, travel often for work, have a chronic illness, or live in areas where pursuing therapy in person is impossible, online counseling can be a solution,” wrote Janeen Herskovitz, MA, LMHC.

There are days when you simply want to stay at home and recharge. Before, if you want to attend therapy sessions, you will be required to go to the office of the professional therapist. Nowadays, all you have to do is to go online at the convenience of your own home. You can already avail of the online sessions while you are recharging at your residence.


“In either environment—on Skype or in-person—what matters most in terms of outcome is the fit between the client and the provider,” wrote Jane Adams, PhD. “The provider’s approach, like the fit between the two of you, is important in terms of what you want to accomplish—change, insight, self-knowledge, or personal or professional development.”

The idea of signing up for online therapy is new, but it is worth trying. Just make sure to choose the right counselor who will help you get over this difficult time in your life as a father or husband.