5 Things That Make Millennial Dads Oh-So Awesome! 

Millennials have been characterized in numerous ways. On the more positive side, they are regarded as more open-minded and supportive of equality concepts. They are receptive to change, new ideas, and innovation. They are also very expressive of their emotions. The less favorable things which characterize millennials include being narcissistic or self-centered. 


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But how about we have the millennials as parents, particularly dads? Apparently, there are notable differences between millennial dads and dads from the other generations. Here are a few things which make millennial dads particularly awesome: 


  1. They’re Digitals (And Will Even Teach Their Kids)

Almost all millennial dads use smartphones, and interestingly, they use the internet to search for parenting advice. It is why online searches about babies have gone up over the years. At the same time, millennial dads look up other dads’ experiences over the net, so that they could compare and then improve themselves. 


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This case is not surprising at all, considering that millennials are digital natives. They grew up being surrounded by technological advancements, so it no longer comes as a surprise that they’ve become digital and tech-savvy. Isn’t it nice to have a dad who shares life events on social media too? 


  1. They Love Spending Quality Time 

According to a study, millennial dads value the importance of quality time. They carve out a portion from their busy schedules to play with their kids, share meals with them, and even be present during their children’s daddy day camps. They make it a point not to miss their kids’ recognition ceremonies.

Millenials value quality time, which is why they prefer flexible work schedules. It’s fantastic to know that millennial dads have the willingness to let go of particular work breakthroughs if it means sacrificing their family time. Isn’t it awesome to have a dad who’s always present in both the extraordinary and mundane moments of their kids’ life? 


  1. They Take Part In Doing Family Errands 

A considerable majority of millennial dads have admitted to doing errands such as purchases or grocery shopping for their families. They also take charge of scheduling events such as doctor appointments, school meetings, and even family trips and getaways. They also bring their kids to school and fetch them after their classes.

Millennial dads are breaking stereotypes. They aren’t afraid to do the things that have been so attached to moms. Isn’t it fun to go to the grocery with that? Kids might probably just be allowed to get every single snack they want as long as the dads like it too. Pringles, anyone? 


  1. They Also (And Still) Prioritize Their Looks 

In the US, men’s grooming industry is continuously growing, and a significant portion contributing to this boom are dads – millennial dads. Just in 2016, the industry was estimated to be worth around 3 billion US dollars.

Just because dads are doing more errands and taking on more responsibilities at work and in the home doesn’t mean they’re neglecting their physical appearances already. They keep themselves classy and presentable despite the daily stress levels. Isn’t it cool to have a dad who dresses up so good they look like they’re still bachelors?  


  1. They Have Their Own Parenting Style 

Millennial dads have started to redefine fatherhood in numerous ways. Most of them have drifted from the strict and disciplinarian style of being a dad. They are more likely to be approachable towards their children, allowing their kids to treat them as best friends rather than authority figures.

Also, millennial dads are more open and understanding, especially about gender and sexuality. They are very aware of the issues of bullying and depression. Millennial dads are also more likely to be supportive of their children’s career choices. Isn’t it a blessing to have a dad who sees through his kid’s needs and desires?

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Millennial dads are really awesome, and they deserve to be applauded for the excellent work they’ve been doing as dads. They may not be perfect, but they sure are working their tails off to be the best father they can be to their children. They are blessings to be celebrated and worthy of being appreciated.