5 Things A Father Wants From His Spouse 

In the eyes of a child, his father is Superman, Batman, and Captain America rolled into one. A father is every child’s first superhero. He can do all things like providing for his family and leading the family lovingly while being doing his best at work. However, behind every Superman is a support system, helping him in every way possible. The support system that provides for every husband’s needs is his spouse.  


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Here are some of the things a father wants from his spouse.  


  1. AssistYour HusbandWhenever Possible 

While it is true that the father is the man of the house, he would still want his spouse to assist him in various capacities. A spouse can help her husband in child-rearing, household chores, even in handyman jobs around the house. In doing this, a spouse can make her husband feel that he is not alone even in manual work around the house.  


  1. Give Unconditional Love And Support

No matter how strong a father is, he will find it very hard to function without his spouse’s love and support. A wife can help with this need by maintaining respect for her husband. In the family, the wife should respect the husband’s position as the head of the household. In the community, the husband feels respected by neighbors when his wife refrains from engaging in gossip.  


  1. Surprise Your HusbandEvery Now And Then 

Surprises are not only reserved for the men. Women can also surprise their spouses now and then. You will be amazed as well because of their reactions.  

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You can go for a spontaneous out of town trip with your husband. Visit the beach. Hike up a mountain. If you are not the gutsy type, you can treat your husband for a random lunch date. Remember, all surprises are appreciated. It’s the effort given and the time spent together that is important.  


  1. Provide Physical Affection At Any Given Time

Husbands want their spouses to be physically intimate with them. A marriage cannot function well without it. Divorce and dissolutions of marriage are often attributed to a lack of sexual intimacy. This lack can lead the husband to look for physical intimacy elsewhere. Eventually, extramarital affairs are destructive to families, especially to the children. Every husband still wishes to feel wanted by their spouses.  


  1. Let Loose

Wives can get uptight, especially when they are busy worrying about and preparing the family’s everyday needs. However, the men want the opposite from their wives. They want a spouse who can hang loose with them.  


After a tiring day, your husband would not want to feel the pressure at home. The last thing he wants is his wife looking tired and haggard. More than that, he would not want to hear her nag about the problems inside the house.  


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Every husband wants their wives to help them in some way. By always being there for them when needed boosts their morale. Also, they feel more loved when they are connected physically to their spouses. More importantly, they want to feel that their marriage is fun. Keeping the laughter in the relationship is one of the critical things father figures want from their spouses.