The Value Of Experience In Teaching Your Child A Lesson




We sometimes understand that it is a cliché to follow specific traditional rules that our parents taught us. But thinking about the life lessons it has to offer, it sometimes makes sense to tag along without complaints. Maybe that’s because it’s the experience that matters and parents have an on-hand encounter with the situation.

“As a parent, you have the most important job in the world: Molding the character of another human being,” wrote Suzanne Gelb, PhD, JD. “It’s a job that can feel extremely tough to do — especially when your children throw fits, misbehave, manipulate, or refuse to cooperate.”

Parents like us value tradition and as much as possible, we would like our children to inherit the same manners from what we inherit from our parents. It goes with the saying that adults learn from their experience that is why they are teaching their kids based on their understanding.


The Mistakes That They Want The Kids To Avoid

As parents would always say, they want to let their kids know that some of their life decisions have already repeated. There are inevitable mistakes that parents previously encountered and would want their kids to avoid it before it could even happen. Some of the bad decisions in life or other circumstances like teenage pregnancy, trying addictive vices, hanging out with the wrong friends, not finishing their studies, and getting along with bad influence environment are just some of these examples.


The Verdict Between Right And Wrong

There’s a considerable gap between teaching your child what’s wrong and letting them experience it. The right and wrong decisions somehow vary in the situation so you should be able to identify when and where your child needs to focus on dealing. Therefore, the crucial part of teaching a lesson is when you have to imply critical thinking to your child where they should or shouldn’t do things without proper knowledge.


Letting Kids Experience An On-Hand Encounter

There is a need for experience to understand the circumstances of the situation. “One of your tasks as the parent is to teach your children about responsibility,” wrote Jim Taylor, PhD. “The best way to ensure that you and your children assume the appropriate responsibilities is for each of you to know what your responsibilities are.”

That is the reason why some parents allow their kids to commit the same mistakes they did to be able to relate the current situation on the previous ones. It gives an advantage of having a sufficient resolution on what children would do if ever they were in the same scenario. However, it could be risky most of the time because there is a tendency that they might have problems standing up on the wrong decisions they will make.




Your Role As A Parent

Not all parents allow their kids to fall into a situation where they sometimes know they can’t handle, so they have to pay attention. A child’s eagerness to do the things he wants will not only complicate matters but will undoubtedly end up with a negative result when ignored. As a parent, it is your responsibility to let your child know that before they indulge in something that they might regret in the end, they should listen to what their parents would have to say.

Thinking about particular situations and trying to understand the purpose of being a parent has something to do with the reflection on your child. It will be a biased judgment, but most of the child’s logical perception is based on his parents’ teaching. So if you want to educate your child and teach him a lesson, always make sure that you know and understand the situation to address the issue that your kids might be dealing.

Lisa Firestone, PhD, said, “When we attempt to provide our kids with a solid foundation, we are bound to notice that some of these tasks are challenging for us. This may be based on unresolved issues from our past. That is why we should aim to develop more inner security, so we can do the best possible job raising our own children.