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5 Things That Make Millennial Dads Oh-So Awesome! 

Millennials have been characterized in numerous ways. On the more positive side, they are regarded as more open-minded and supportive of equality concepts. They are receptive to change, new ideas, and innovation. They are also very expressive of their emotions. The less favorable things which characterize millennials include being narcissistic or self-centered. 


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5 Things A Father Wants From His Spouse 

In the eyes of a child, his father is Superman, Batman, and Captain America rolled into one. A father is every child’s first superhero. He can do all things like providing for his family and leading the family lovingly while being doing his best at work. However, behind every Superman is a support system, helping him in every way possible. The support system that provides for every husband’s needs is his spouse.  


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Is It Time To Plan For A Family?

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There are several issues that parties to a marriage must talk about so that they will eventually avoid drifting apart from each other. The marital union requires constant and honest communication from both the husband and wife to make it work. “A couple can prepare for parenthood by discussing how they currently support one another and how they deal with conflict and miscommunication,”explains Kristi Angevine, M.D. One of the sensitive topics that you may need to discuss with the other spouse is the plan of starting a family of your own. Keep in mind that this decision must be mutually made between you and your wife.

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Saving The Marriage: Be A Good Father

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Staying in a relationship is always a choice. No matter how much you love each other in a marriage, there will always come a time wherein the irreconcilable differences will bring you apart. There will be more hard days where you will feel less love for the other person or vice versa. All these problems and troubles are part of the marriage. As such, you need to find the courage to fight for the relationship and to say no to divorce.

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Family Therapy

No matter how much you put effort into making your family perfect, there will always be times when arguments and disagreements will show up. Just because you go through these things does not mean that there is neither love nor respect in the family. Sometimes, members of the household experience misunderstandings because they have different views on some issues or topics. Because of this, everyone is reminded to settle problems and differences with his family at all times. Luckily, there is now a family therapist who could help people solve these filial issues. “Family therapy is designed to help families collaborate to address family problems,” Blake Griffin Edwards, MSMFT, LMFT explains. “The course of treatment is often brief, and most family therapy models seek to address the communication (verbal and nonverbal) styles of the family, as well as any individual issues that may be interfering with the cohesiveness of the family system.” Family therapy is usually provided by a psychologist, clinical social worker, or licensed therapist. Family therapy can help you improve troubled relationships with your partner, children, or other family members. Family therapy techniques are ways to address family conflict by improving the communication and interaction of family members. The usual goals of family therapy are improving communication, solving family problems, understanding and handling special family situations, and creating a better functioning home environment. Family therapy is really important.


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Family Therapy Issues


  1. Financial Matters.
  2. As most cases introduced in family therapy sessions, many people fight over money. This is probably why it is called the root of all evil. If this is a big issue in your family, then be sure to get in touch with a therapist as soon as possible. Act fast so that the situation can be improved for everyone in the family. Do not delay the resolution of your financial woes because doing so could drive the members away from each other.


  1. Marital Problems.
  2. Family therapy can help when you’re having some trouble with your marriage. If you want to save the marriage, A good family therapist is all you need to get over this challenging experience. Take note that divorce is not the only solution to your problem. It is highly recommended to see a professional first to try fixing the marriage.


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  1. Addiction.
  2. Is anyone in the family suffering from substance abuse or dependence on alcohol? Keep in mind that addiction is a mental health problem. You cannot rely on medications to make your loved one feel better or overcome his addiction. However, sometimes, family therapy becomes necessary. Help a family member with addiction by bringing him to a professional.


  1. Chronic Illness.
  2. When someone in the household is suffering from chronic pain or disease, then there is a high possibility that he may also experience depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Thus, the best thing to do is to make the individual feel that he is a big part of the family. Seeing a family therapist and undergoing family therapy can help you go through with this.


broken family
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  1. Divorce.
  2. Separation of the parents can be painful for the kids. When a divorce takes place in the family, the first thing that you must do is to make your children understand why you need to part ways with the other spouse. There is a possibility that they will not take it lightly. As such, try to bring them to a family therapist.  “Children’s needs for protection from parental conflict must be addressed before the establishment of any co-parenting arrangement after separation, and a full range of supports must be made available to parents in high conflict situations,” says University of British Columbia associate professor of social work Edward Kruk, Ph.D. “Within these programs, children’s needs become a means of connecting the parents in a positive direction at a time when conflict has divided them.” Seek professional help so that your kids will have a better understanding of the divorce.

Conclusion On Family Therapy

Indeed, a family therapist is equipped with knowledge and expertise to help solve problems and issues in every household. Furthermore, “The family therapist works with the awareness that each human being is not merely an individual, but is also a part of many social groups or social systems,” according to Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D. “Family therapy is effective because it harnesses the power of the family to heal itself.” Whenever you feel like things have become hard or stressful for everyone in your family, do not hesitate to get in touch with this professional. The fees may be expensive, but if you look at the advantages that you will get, the costs are worth it.



Tips On How To Look For A Psychiatrist

As a man, it could be difficult on your part to finally decide that you need help in processing your emotions. This decision is major, which is why you could not afford to make an error in choosing the right psychiatrist. As much as possible, take all the necessary steps before you decide. The first thing that you have to understand at this point is that choosing a psychiatrist is the initial step in improving your life. To ensure that nothing will go wrong, keep these tips in mind: 

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Teaching Your Son How to Ride a Bike

Teaching your child how to ride a bike and seeing him/her learning how to do it is a memorable milestone for both of you. It is a skill that most parents are proud to teach their children while at the same time using it as a way to make the parent and child bond stronger. However, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Most of the time, it will result in bruises and abrasions on the child and backbreaking experiences for dads. Still, it is worthwhile to see them slowly making progress and learning how to balance on their own.

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Three Reasons Why Dads Are Important

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It’s easy for most guys to become someone’s baby daddy. However, it’s hard to become an actual father to a child.  We know that it’s a no-brainer that both parents are vital in making sure that a child will grow up correctly, most of the credits usually go to the mother.   And that is wrong because fathers also play a fundamental role in the family and more in a child’s overall development. Sure, not all dads are good enough to be given recognition but how about those who work hard every day just to give their families the kind of life they deserve?

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A Single Father’s Parenting Struggle: “Am I Not Enough?”

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There are a lot of things I wanted to ask my children, but I am too afraid to do so. There have been some questions that needed answers, and I needed to get it straight from them, but then I couldn’t. Being a father is a tough job because you always have to show your kids that things are okay even if it’s not. You can’t reveal them your weakness or all else will fall apart.

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Best Father And Son Bonding Activities

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Do you sometimes feel that you’re too busy working and you realized you haven’t given enough time for your kid? It is undeniably true that a father’s duty demands a lot of time in the workplace compared to the amount of time he has to be at home. Though that’s the typical thing to happen, dads should take time to exert effort in providing specific activities with his kids. Here are some of the things he can do to maintain a father and kids bonding.

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